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Outdoor learning in the sunshine



On Wednesday, Miss Walton took Y6 down to our fabulous wildlife area and challenged them to find and classify different species of plants.

Everyone enjoyed using their scientific skills and completing some fieldwork linked to our ‘Evolution and Inheritance’ topic.

Luckily Mr Worthington was on hand to provide advice and his valuable expertise about the different plants growing in our very own school grounds.

What did you find down there?  Which part of the wildlife area did you enjoy the most?


Time to use our persuasive writing skills.

This week Y6 have been working very hard to develop their persuasive writing skills.


We have learnt how to use many persuasive devices:

  • emotive language
  • different sentence openers
  • rhetorical questions
  • exaggeration
  • special offers
  • statistics

Now try to use these new skills and write a few sentences to persuade tourists to visit this fantastic haunted house location.

Good luck and don’t forget your good punctuation choices.

Maths Mansion

For some extra revision work over the Easter holidays you could access the Maths Mansion videos on youtube.  They would be a fun way to revise some tricky concepts.

Why not try these ones to get you started:

  • Angleman
  • The decimole
  • Fraction aid
  • The Negs

Don’t forget to sing along to the theme tune.

maths man Maths_mansion_logo