We had a fantastic time on Wednesday at Papa Luigi’s! We walked down to the restaurant to become official Papa Luigi chefs for the morning (complete with our very own chef hats) and made our very own pizzas from scratch!


We we all had a great time and would like to thank Papa Luigi’s for being so friendly and hospitable!


Mr Lyons



Well done everyone who entered the challenge last time. It can be quite difficult to leave out the word the in your stories when you think about it!

The new challenge is to write a story about an encounter you have with this silly monkey! Where do you meet? What do you do together? Is he funny or annoying? You decide. The word banned this week is AND.

The best entries need to include relative clauses and parenthesis, which we have been working so hard on this week!

Congratulations Abbie for winning ‘THE’ Challenge from last time! I was very impressed with them all!

I look forward to reading them all as ever!

Mr Lyons