Excellent 100 word challenges last week everyone! It was good to see a range of fiction and non-fiction in your blogging! I’m sure lots of you found it much trickier than you though, to write exactly 100 words!

Your new challenge is to describe Father Christmas in 50 words. Easy right? Wrong! To make it extra challenging, you cannot use the letter ‘R’! (Imagine that the R key on your keyboard is broken).

Well done to this week’s winner is McCauley. I really enjoyed reading about all of the mischievous antics your elf had gotten up to over the weekend!


Mr Lyons



Now that 2015 is coming to a close, lots of people take time to think about the year that’s passed and what they want to achieve in the year ahead. I want to know what your biggest achievement was this year, or what your biggest highlights of the year were. I also want to know 3 things you want to experience or achieve in 2016!

For example:

My highlight of 2015 was becoming a teacher at Woodfield and finding out I would have the same class in Year 5 that I had in Year 4!

3 things I want to achieve in 2016 are:

1. See Wigan Warriors win the Grand Final

2. Become a better swimmer

3. Have lots more fun at Woodfield


I’d love to know what your aspirations are!


Mr Lyons



Fantastic homework last week everyone! For this week’s challenge, your writing MUST be 100 words, no more or no less. You can write about anything you like, in any genre you like, but it has to be 100 words long! Try to use as many writing features as you can.


Well done to Harris for winning this week’s writer or the week award, his idea will go to our Angry Words display too!


Mr Lyons