Time to use our persuasive writing skills.

This week Y6 have been working very hard to develop their persuasive writing skills.


We have learnt how to use many persuasive devices:

  • emotive language
  • different sentence openers
  • rhetorical questions
  • exaggeration
  • special offers
  • statistics

Now try to use these new skills and write a few sentences to persuade tourists to visit this fantastic haunted house location.

Good luck and don’t forget your good punctuation choices.

8 thoughts on “Time to use our persuasive writing skills.”

  1. Are you tired of going to happy Disney land? Well Visit our(5-star) haunted house now in the spooky destination in the wilderness, where you can go and enjoy our wonderful things you can do: go swimming (in fresh blood), have a zombified lunch and dinner, go to the ghostly party and many many more mysterious things. Once you arrive you will be greeted by The bleeding screen and be escorted to your room with moving pictures and mysterious walls. Once you have settled in you will get a tour around the ghostly house.
    “The haunted house was the most spookiest thing in the world and I will never experience it ever again”- dead guest. We are the award-winning hotel of the most thrilling holiday. You will never get a good night sleep once you come here. You will get the fright of your life.But make sure you bring a friend because you never know what you will expect, or will you? To read more go to to
    Or email us at
    If you don’t BEWARE…

  2. Do you want the horrible thrills of your lifetime? Well now you can,at Dungawlf Mannor were you can have an over-night stay in this amazing horror-filled mansion with ghosts popping out at you to zombie filled rooms! Visit http://www.dungawlfmannor.co.uk for more information and how to book!

  3. Do you need some excitement in your life? Visit the horror-filled haunted house were the blood-curdling noises and tricks will make terror-struck! 97 out of 100 agree that this is the best horror house in Europe!

  4. Bored of going on the same holiday every year? Then look no further the haunted house resort in Transylvania is waiting for you: comfy beds, room service, a tv with a wide range of spooky channels.You will be so intrigued that you will never want to leave!

  5. Wow everyone, fantastic persuasive writing. I was really impressed with your use of rhetorical questions and hyphenated words. Keep up this super standard of writing.

  6. Are you bored of hotels that say they’re spooky but are really full of plastic skulls? Well come on down to The WolfBite hotel. Lose yourself in our spooky mirror maze corridors as you try to find your room! Your room comes with a complementary werewolf. Just don’t get bitten! Our amazing activities include werewolf hunting, dinner with vampires and a party with a yeti. Visit http://www.wolfbitehotel.com for more details and how to book.

  7. Are you bored and want to add some thrills into your life? Well then if yes come to the bats crave in Wigan, there is always a houseful of rooms to choose from. Also, in your room: couches made from bat, pictures whith moving eyes that follow you and a TV made from fresh blood! If your asking how do we do it well we just don’t know. As well as having all that, we also have a vampire that gives you your food; but if you touch it you will frighten it and it will turn into abat and never give you anymore food. Also 99% out of 100 think that this is the best haunted mansion in the entire world! Now that’s a mindblower.

  8. Are you sick of pathetic little ‘spooky’ hotels? Well if this applys to you, come to the super-scary rocky inn! You will be greeted at ghost-filled reception and then wil proceed to your blood-scented room with freaky skulls adorning the walls. You might want to visit our zombiefied rollercoaster or lose yourself in our mummy mirror maze! So what are you waiting for? Visit https://www. rocky-inn.com!

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