Eye of the Wolf


Who has enjoyed our new class book so far?

What do you think will happen next to Blue Wolf and Shiny Straw? Make your predictions below and we will discuss them in class on Tuesday.

10 thoughts on “Eye of the Wolf”

  1. I think that the hunters will capture Shiny straw because she has golden fur and the hunters want to make lots of money. And I think blue wolf will make friends with the boy and if they do make friends then when the boy grows up he will work at the zoo. Or blue wolf will go back to Alaska.

  2. I think that the boy will lead blue wolf to shiny straw and blue wolf will be reunited with his family but there might be a twist about the boy at the end

  3. I like Eye of a Wolf because it is really interesting story and i can’t wait to read more when we get back to school. I think shiny straw may come and rescue him and dig a secret escape route.

  4. i think shiny straw could get caught and sent to the same zoo as blue wolf and they try (with the help of the boy)to get back to alaska

  5. I think that Shiny Straw is the she-wolf that used to live with Blue Flame because she is the most likely of getting captured and because she is the reason that the hunters kept on following Blue Flame and the rest of his family.

  6. As Blue Wolf as only got one eye, he stares at the boy but doesn’t know which eye to look at so the little boy covers one of his eyes to help Blue Wolf stare at him. This shows that the boy is trying to be nice to Blue Wolf so Blue Wolf may start to like and trust humans again.
    When Blue Wolf helped to free Shiny Straw I think she managed to escape the hunters and is still alive in Alaska. I don’t think the hunters went after Shiny Straw because they were capturing Blue Wolf.

  7. I think that the boy will take blue wolf out of the cage and him go back into the wild to be free.
    I think that shiny straw will get caught in a net but will escape and they will run away from Alaska.

  8. Blue Wolf is such a cool wolf! But why is the boy there? Maybe we’ll see what happened to the boy through his eye! I’m so excited for Tuesday!

  9. I am really enjoying our new class book.I predict that the boy will somehow help Blue Wolf escape from his enclosure and go back to Alaska to be reunited with Shiny Straw and his family.

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