Should wild animals be kept in zoos?

What do you think? ┬áThink about what we have been learning about through ‘Eye of the Wolf’, do you think wild animals like Blue Wolf should be caged in zoos?

Give your arguments below, ready for our debate in class next week.


12 thoughts on “Should wild animals be kept in zoos?”

  1. No because not all animals are zoo animals such as , eagles , horses and snakes this means that I think they shouldn’t.

  2. I know that they are safer in the zoo, but I think they should be free in the wild.Because they are animals that need to learn how to hunt. And they should be able to run about and life life how they want. They dont desere to be caged up.

  3. I think only ill animals should be kept in zoos so they can be looked after properly, but shooting innocent animals with tranquilliser darts just so people can look at them is cruel. :-)

  4. Well some animals need to be free and some like wild animals need to be caged up. So I think yes for wild animals and no for not wild animals.

  5. No. I think animals deserve to be free in the wild. Animals are just like us and they shouldn’t be caged up as we wouldn’t like to be in something as small as a zoo enclosure

  6. I think that wild animals should be allowed to be free.They should be free in there natural habitat not in a cage or enclosure Animals in zoos can suffer from stress and boredom.We have no rights to lock them up!

  7. No I think wild animals should be able to run free as we were once wild animals (apes) and we wouldn’t like being caged up all day . Also wild animals deserve to stay with their families.

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