purple angry bird

Fantastic homework last week everyone! Some of your diary entries were very imaginative and even caught the attention of Mrs Lowe, who was very impressed with our use of subordinate clauses!

This weekend’s challenge is a little different. We need to add a new angry word to our Angry Words display. Your challenge is to think of a word that is really boring, which we can’t use in our writing, and think of as many amazing synonyms of that word as possible. The winning entry will have their Angry Word added to the display and the Angry Word mats!

Remember that these are the current Angry Words:

Said, big, small, walked, sad, happy, nice, then, went, looked


Congratulations to Ethan, whose diary entry about the gremlin blew me away! He’s this week’s winner of the writer of the week trophy.


Mr Lyons


Well done everyone for your homework about the picture last week, they were fantastic! I really enjoyed reading them.

Your homework for this weekend is to imagine you have gone home after school on Friday, and you have been told you have to look after the furry gremlin in the picture above for the weekend. I want you to write a diary entry about all of the things you get up to over the weekend. Will he be a good or bad gremlin? Will you do anything special?

Try to make your writing as interesting as possible and your challenge this time is to use at least:

- 1 subordinate clause

- 5 different time adverbials (time connectives)

- An emotion sentence

Good luck! Well done to Jessica for winning the Writer of the Week trophy for last week!



On Monday we   learnt about train times in maths. InEnglish we wrote some instructions for our card games. After  lunch we did R.E we learnt about Hanukkah and we watched a video.  After that child line came in to talk to us about staying safe.

On Tuesday we learnt about how much time tv shows lasted.In french we learnted about animals with madam miler  .After lunch in P.E we basket ball with Mrs Richards, we carried on with our card games in English.

On Wednesday in Maths we did number lines on time. In english we edited the card games and started to write the card games up in best, so that they can go in our wet play box .After lunch we did art. in art we were drawing landmarks. after that we did gutair and we practiced big blue bear.

On Thursday in maths we did time lines foradding on  time . we wrote our instructions in best . After lunch we did art and coloured in our Hunder vasser pictures .Next we did history we learnt about the mayans.

On Friday we did math,s we had to break down and calculate of differrent things. In english we were playing each others card games.




On Monday we all did eqivelent fractions and mixed fractions.

In English we learnt about charecters feelings and moods. We wrote down in our jotters a chart about magik circus. And we gave it a star rating.

On Terrific Tuesday we had P.E we did basketball.In maths we did fractions again after . Madam Miller came in and learnt animals in french.After dinner we did amazing english.

On Wednesday we did proper fractions in magnificent maths!In engilish we did a story review on liftedIin the afternoon we planted some bulbs which will grow into Daffodills.And before break we looked at christmas songs to sing .Then we did guitar.

On Thursday we did fractions in maths again. In big write wrote a fantasy story what we thought the music reminded us about. On Friday we did word problems with fractions in them . Then we acted out anti bullying in groups of six.



Your homework this weekend, is to use direct speech to write what you think the people are talking about in the picture as part of a story. What could they be up to? It’s your challenge to bring the picture to life!

I’m looking forward to the huge range of ideas we get! Remember to use inverted commas and remember… the word ‘said’ is banned!

Good luck!

Mr Lyons



On magical Monday y5 first lesson was math some people column mulitipclation and some people did some chunking method . In English we did some interesting grammer hammer. On terrific Tusday we did a magnificent maths lesson y5 did bus stop method which is division later on after break we had a wonderful suprise Madame Miller came in for are first french lesson . After lunch we had a GREAT P.E lesson we did basketball with our superb P.E teacher Mrs richards . On wonderful wenesday we did Assertive mentoring in are new groups and are new rooms . In English we played lots of new card games and read the new instructions  . Also for assembly we had a special guest  we had a fire man . On tremendous Thursday we made are owne card games and wrote the rules . In the afternoon we did Computing. we played 20 questions to think about how a search engine works when it is looking for what you want. On fantastic Friday we did mathletics / fractions  and in big write y5 did poems after lunch we did P.E and did shuffle board it was realy good fun after y5 had  golden time we had lots of fun .


Ben and Freya



Your homework this weekend is quite difficult! People who use Twitter, like our school Twitter account, can only ever use 140 characters per tweet, so they have to be very precise in their writing.  Your ‘tweet’ needs to tell everyone who your hero is and as much about them as you can in just in 140 characters. It is a lot harder than it seems! In your tweet you must include:

1. A comma

2. An adverb

3. An apostrophe for possession

Remember – spaces and punctuation marks count  as characters.

Here is an example of my tweet about my hero:


‘Sean O’loughlin. He is Wigan’s captain. He is immensely strong, a leader .He always tries his best and never gives in. He’s born winner.’

I’m looking forward to your tweets. Remember, I wonder who will be the first person to take home our Writer of the week trophy?

Mr Lyons