On Monday we did Maths. Our first lesson we learned about finding the area of a rectangle. Joe did some excellent work on the grid method, in English Freya did some outstanding work trying to find information in a text.

On Tuesday afternoon we did P.E with Mrs Richards practising  bowling Matthew Mooney did some amazing bowling. Good news Will , Joe , Freya , Harris and Abbie have made it into the cricket team for Woodfield!

On Wednesday we did some brilliant singing ready for lets sing especially Sam. Afterthat we did kodo Jessica and James made an awesome world.

On Thursday we did some art Rebecca did a beautiful Escher tessellation of some cute cats.  Ross did some superb work on compound shapes.

On Friday Harris did a fantastic story about a sleepover.

2 thoughts on “STAR REPORTERS”

  1. well done eve and sol for being chose to be our star reporters . And what a detailed report about our week .

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